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125 years of Tango dances into Museum

The Tango is alive and well in Saratoga Springs. On Saturday March 21 the Dance Museum unveiled their Salute to the Tango, 125 years of Tango.

Gallery space highlighted the Tango Collection of Anton Gazenbeek which he had begun pre-teen. Curated by Laura DiRado the exhibit featured the beginnings of the tango in Argentina, posters and programs, clothing for the tango dancer and rare film clips.

Then, after visitors could view the exhibit - live tango in the foyer of the Museum. Johnny and Diane Martinez of Tango Fusion and Anton and his partner showed how they did it in Argentina - and now in Saratoga.

A great way to welcome spring. For those who might not know the tango, lindy and just plain dance music was also played and visitors packed the dance floor.

The Museum is on winter hours: 10-4 pm Saturdays.