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Kayaks Afloat&Asplash at Saratoga City Center

A few days after a storm dropped over a foot of snow on Saratoga, the City Center hosted the Adirondack Sports expo to help everyone get ready for all the outdoors sporting fun in the spring and summer.

A center piece of this and ever expo is a large pool brought in to try out kayaks in water that isnít close to freezing.

Saratoga, The City in the Country is surrounded by opportunities to hike, bike, climb, swim, row, sail, and of course, kayak.

The Adirondack Sports Expo is a preview of all the fun on the horizon. The snow is melting away, temperatures are riding, and it will soon be time to unpack bicycles, boats, and short sleeveís from winter storage, because thereís so much opportunity to use them.

So, Happy Spring to one and all!