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Give them fish to stock and they will come

Monday the temperature was 78°. Wednesday saw 22° and snow on the ground at the Spa Park

April 16 is the day for the Annual Fish Stocking of the Geyser Creek at the Spa and despite snow on the ground families were already lining up at 8 am to help stock the brook with brown trout. As always Fish Stocking Day is the Wednesday of School Vacation Week. Parking lots were filled and vehicles lined the sides of Geyser Loop Road

This has become a fun day for families. When weather cooperates the picnic tables are out on both sides of the Creek. When it’s colder the Friends of the Park have hot chocolate (see Page 6).

The fish are from the State’s Van Hornesville Fish Hatchery. The Creek runs into Kayaderosseras which runs into Saratoga Lake which runs into the Hudson - and where that brown trout ends up, who knows.

The Spa Park is one of the treasures of our area. And when a family visits it for an event like the Fish Stocking, they will return.