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Fishes for the creek

Itís the Annual Fish Stocking at the Spa Park..

This year the Wednesday of School Vacation Week fell on April 8 and despite cold weather and rain in the offing hundred of kids and parents came to the Spa Park with buckets to help stock the Geyser Creek with brown trout.

The fish arrived from the Stateís Van Hornesville Fish Hatchery but kids and parents had arrived much earlier.

By 11 am the line waiting to received trout stretched from one parking lot to another across the inlet and the playground.

The Geyser Creek Welcome Center was there to let visitors know about their Classroom Campaign to have a year-round environmental center in the Geyser area.

Please: visit us on YouTube on our wiltonreport (one word) channel for our video of the Spa Fish Stocking. Just one of our videos why Wilton and Saratoga are great places to live and raise children.