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20º & Snow to start 74th Season

Here’s to the hardy folks in Saratoga’s other racing sport. At 12:45 on the First of March the 74th Season at the harness track began with snow in the air, on the ground and temperature below 20º degrees. (Reached 24º for the day.)

Fortunately, the track has an enclosed, warmly heated grandstand for fans to watch the action.

To start the Season Billy Dobson won the first race driving VIP in 2:00.2.

Live racing starts at 6:45 on Fridays and Saturdays; goes to 12:45 on Sundays. The Grandstand is always heated.

Check out our Channel on YouTube wiltonreport (one word) for the exciting action of the first race of the meet. Snow flurries and it’s a chilly sight - but exciting.