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Run Girls Run run Ryan’s Run

On May 9 Ryan’s Run was again held at the Spa Park. Teachers are the major supporters of the Run.

Barbara Wersten is a teacher at Dorothy Nolan School.

Run Girls Run is the Girls’ Running Club at Dorothy Nolan. They wear pink tees and they and their mothers were there in strength to support Barbara Wersten and to fight MIOP.

Malignant Infantile Osteopetrosis (MIOP) is a rare bone disease. Bones continue to grow without breaking down. Ryan Wersten, born with MIOP, lived 6 months. About 20 babies are born in America every year with MIOP.

Paul and Barbara Wersten formed MIOP Foundation to support families and research against MIOP. Paul was able to report progress in research - research Ryan’s Run is helping finance - and support for families coping with MIOP.

Your help is needed. Visit: And remember - next year’s Ryan’s Run is the Saturday before Mother’s Day at the Spa Park. The girls in pink will be back.