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Preserve Festival shrugs off rain

May 31 was not the nicest of days but that did not deter families filling the old Boy Scout dining hall at Camp Saratoga for the Silent Wing Raptor talks.

During the drizzle period of the day families tried the dip nets to check the fauna in the Delegan Pond.

They also met blood hound and rescue dogs for the Southern Adirondack Search Team.

The screech, barn and great horned owls were highlights of the Silent Wings talk as the presenter walked with the owls on his hand with the heavy leather gauntlet.

No touching but pictures without the flash were welcomed.

The Wilton Wildlife Preserve and Park occupies almost 3,000 acreas east of the Northway. There are an abundance of trails and a winter Mecca for snowhsoers nad cross country skiers.

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