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Hayrides help our guys still there

Our guys are still over there - and now Operation Adopt-A-Soldier is even sending parcels to the Antarctic. Thatís right- our Air National Guard 109 Support Unit has guys on the ice for months keeping the bases there supplied. Even in good weather itís cold - and parcels from home give an appreciated lift.

Most of the parcels from Operation Adopt-A-Soldier (OAS) are going to the Mid-East as the have since OAS was founded 12 years ago by Cliff Seguin.

Parcels from home mean a lot. And Cliff and OAS say as long as our guy are over there, they will be getting packages.

Thatís why Cliff and John Vincek began the hayrides before Halloween in Gavin Park. Cliff says Hayrides are an American tradition and itís a great way to support OAS,

especially with the holiday season coming up.

If you missed the hayride - hereís another event to support OAS - the Buffet at Fortunes at Saratoga Casino and Raceway Nov 8 - check

Letís help OAS give our guys a package from home for the holidays