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Everyone pitches in for Ballard Craft Fair

Once again every corridor and space in the Ballard School is filled with eager visitors and the parking lot is filled and each side of Ballard Road is lined with vehicles.

Itís gotta be the Annual Ballard School Craft Fair

For 20 years this is the event that starts the holiday season in Wilton. When you enter the School volunteers invite you to enter the raffle for bountiful baskets local merchants have donated.

What a choice! Dozens of baskets - and each filled with goodies.

Refreshments and home baked goodies are being offered by volunteers.

Honor society members are there to help. You can tell by their yellow t-shirts.

After 20 years the Ballard Craft Fair is now a Wilton tradition. And Ballard parents are going to keep it a tradition.

See you next year.