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Alpacas get sheared in Wilton

Once a year in May Chuck Gerber gets out his power shears, recruits Randy Gerber to help, tells Bob Rice ( forest management partner) itís that time again and the harvest of fine alpaca wool takes place on the Gerber farm.

With a flock of 20 alpacas 14 would be sheared by Chuck on the 23rd of May. Randy and Bob would hold the alpaca down during the shearing. And Elaine Gerber would be there to offer advice and guidance.

Next year Elaine says if approvals come through (now in final stage) the alpaca shearing will be a highlight at their farm store. Elaine says the Market will feature eggs and produce raised by Gerbers and their own alpaca yarn and products made from that yarn.

Lots of excitement coming to Bullard Lane.