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Adirondack Trust joins the Big Leagues

And continues to be SBA’s Number One Lender in the 34 County Syracuse District.

Steve von Schenk, Adirondack Trust president will tell you just because The Adirondack Trust Company has moved up to the Small Business Administration (SBA)’S large one to 10 billion dollar category The Trust Company hasn’t forgotten why it was established.

That was to serve the businesses and the people of the Saratoga community.

Ask Mike Lapolia and Nick Galuardi.

Mike and Nick have just opened the new Saratoga Health and Wellness facility on Maple Avenue in Wilton and they built the facility using Adirondack Trust and SBA’s 504 financing plan. 504 is great for the small business because it only requires 10% down.

Andy Ferrara who handled the details for Adirondack Trust said Mike and Nick had approached the bank last May and they had commitments for financing before June with construction beginning in August.

If that seems fast, von Schenk commented that even if Adirondack Trust had moved into the large bank “big league” category it still remembers its community roots and knows its customers.

Mike and Nick had been customers.

Saratoga Health and Wellness at 538 Maple Avenue in Wilton is just one of the 29 clients that the Trust Company has helped with SBA financing in the past year.

Our community is the envy of the Capital District and all of Upstate New York. Small businesses are investing and reinvesting in our community.

Saratoga Health and Wellness had been located a short distance away. And they were a success - and a client of The Adirondack Trust Company and they wanted to grow.

Now they have their facility across from the Maple Ave Middle School on Route 9 - lots of space for expansion and space for the LaMarco Physical Therapy practice.

Small business is sparking our growth - and Adirondack Trust is a community bank that believes in supporting growth.

Please, call 594-5844 for information on SBA opportunities.

For information on Saratoga Health and Wellness call 306-6987 or visit: