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25 years on south Broadway

The Victorian-inspired building that greets visitors to Saratoga Springs is now 25 years old.

Charles V Wait, CEO of Adirondack Trust says that when the former car dealership lot became available on South Broadway, it was a natural fit for Adirondack Trust.

He would also say that as the major portal to the City, the office had to be appropriately designed to welcome visitors to the City.

The striking Victorian-inspired building is testament of the effectiveness of Wait’s collaboration with Saratoga Associates, a leading landscape and architectural firm in Saratoga Springs.

Soft chimes on the hour and a single chime on the half-hour throughout the day.

25 years ago when the office opened, the first tenant for the private offices upstairs was the production crew for the Billy Bathgate movie. Rumor has it that Nicole Kidman was seen with Tom Cruse cashing a check.

On August 4 the bank celebrated 25 years of service to the Saratoga community with a low keyed, unadvertised welcome to visitors to the branch.

A breakfast buffet and lunch were there for surprised customers and bank CEO Charles V Wait was on hand to thank customers for their support.

Wait says he doesn’t expect to be greeting customers on the branch’s 50th Anniversary but he’s sure his son Charlie will be there to thank customers.

Reassurance for customers - if an earthquake hits Saratoga the branch is built to meet rigid earthquake proof standards.