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When the ice is gone

Adirondack Sports & Fitness Summer Expo. We could think about summer on March 7 & 8 but that didnít make it any warmer outside in Saratoga.

Thatís has to be why the City Center was packed. Our winter still isnít over but we can think about kayaking on open water with no ice in sight.

And we can check out mountain bikes with mountain bike tires. (Weíve had enough of fat tires for snow trails)

And in Saratoga people love to run for good causes when the weather cooperates. So the Firecracker4 . the Lions Duathlon, Tour de Battenkill and more events were at the City Center to sign up runners and bikers and more.

The Expo is a great signal that outdoor activities where you donít have to bundle up will soon be here.